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MTB skills course


You will learn control and confidence. We meet at the prearranged time, after introductions we’ll check your setup, and go into a short intro briefing and talk. We will then head out on the trail where you will learn whilst riding. We will show you and help you each step of the way.

What will you learn?

  • Standing and sitting posture
  • Braking
  • Gearing
  • Cornering
  • Track stand
  • Bunny hop
  • Negotiating obstacles
  • River crossing
  • Sand
  • Race strategies, training and nutrition for racing.

We will also go on an outride where the pace and distance is determined by you and your fitness, but generally we are not out there for longer than 3 hours or so. Cost R300.00 per person, we are known to give more attractive pricing to big groups.

This option also includes an optional personalized training program at an additional cost of R300.00 aimed at helping you to build up your strength, endurance and speed for racing etc.

We also tailor shorter more basic courses if you require, please contact us as far as this is concerned.

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