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MTBing decoded course


For those of you wanting to get into the exciting and growing sport of mountain biking there is a lot to consider and take in. In this course we will help to simplify this for you and make your choices less confusing thus giving you peace of mind that you have made the right decisions and can now move on and get to grips with the sport.

In the course we will cover:

  1. Bikes – Hard-tail; Soft-tail; 29er; 26er and 650b
  2. Tyres – Tubeless vs. Tubed
  3. Pedals – Cleats – SPD vs. Egg beaters; Non-cleated pedals
  4. Saddle bag and required contents – Spare tube; Multi-tool; Tyre levers; Master link
  5. Cleaning your bike after a ride – Bike wash liquid; Degreaser; Lube
  6. Gloves – long finger vs. short finger
  7. Brakes – V-brakes vs. Disc brakes
  8. Hydration packs vs. water bottles and
  9. Clothing

Thereafter we will have a questions and answers session.

I can help to go shopping with you and advise what to get at the shop. Cost of advisory service is 10% of the cost of the product. The cost of the course is R125, for further details, please contact us.

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