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Multiday hiking requirements course


In this course we will be covering what you need to consider and take along with you. This is to ensure that you have an enjoyable hike without any nasty surprises from forgetting to take something. The fact that you will be out in the Wilderness overnight for however long your hike is changes the entire playing field. There are many considerations and mandatory supplies, food and equipment you should take with you.

The course will cover:

  1. Basics;
  2. Food & Drink – meals, hydration and snacks;
  3. Clothing – warm weather, cold weather and wet weather considerations;
  4. Sleeping gear;
  5. Cooking gear;
  6. Shoes – both for on the trail, river crossings, and at night around the camp;
  7. Toiletries;
  8. First Aid Kit;
  9. Emergency and
  10. Miscellaneous

We will supply you with refreshments, a hiking checklist and physical examples of what is referred to on the checklist.

The course will be about 2 or so hours in length and will cost R350 per person. We ideally would like a minimum group of 4 per course.

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