We offer South Africa based adventure tours, adventure activities and adventure team builds - aimed at enhancing a happy, healthy lifestyle, accessible to and enjoyed by all

The Team

Rob Yates has participated and instructed in various facets of the health and wellness industry. This includes martial arts, cycling, walking, trail running, adventure/obstacle racing, rock climbing, weight training, snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking.

Rob has been working in a full time capacity in the corporate world of IT for close on 20 years. He took a 3 year sabbatical out of the industry after being retrenched in January 2012. In that time he worked as a Personal Trainer and branch manager for Run Walk for Life as well as spent some time at Cycle Lab.

Rob now works in a full time capacity for Axiz Workgroup and still runs activities every other weekend.

Rob believes that all that truly matters in life is that you try to do YOUR best at everything you do and to faith it ’til you make it!

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